Single Family & Townhome Residential

Heritage Preserve Subdivision

Rockwell, NC

Provided land planning and representation through the conditional use process along with design and engineering for the 140 Lot subdivision with clubhouse, swimming pool & walking trail amenity.  The project also included a 100+1 flood study, offsite road widening, offsite water line extension, wastewater pump station and decorative landscape planting plan.




Oakbrooke Phase 3 Subdivision

Charlotte, NC

The 140 lot subdivision yielded 5 Units/Acre Cluster Density.  Design of the project was governed by poor soils, significant topographic limitations and code required tree save areas. 






Lithia Inn Country Club Townhomes

Lincolnton, NC

Nestled within the first and second fairway and the driving range, Greenbrier provided design and engineering services for the 33 unit country club townhome community. Project elements included rezoning, offsite road improvements, offsite water and sewer line extensions.

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