W. B. Moore Company

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Building Renovation Platinum LEED Certification

Civil/Site elements associated with the LEED renovation included additional parking for alternative fuel vehicles, charging stations for electric vehicles underground storm water quantity detention, an underground cistern to store first flush storm runoff for harvesting as a source of irrigation water and drought tolerant landscape plant selection.  The project also included design of public storm water collection facilities to intercept a pre-existing over capacity storm water line bisecting the site and continuing offsite under and existing industrial building which has experienced damaging flooding since its development in the 1940's.


Cambridge Beltway Park

Charlotte, NC

Building 4 consisting of 48,000 SF office /warehouse flex space located within the light industrial component of the Ayersly Mixed Use Development.  Building 4 was one of several buildings in which Greenbrier provided site design and permitting services in the light industrial park, each having common elements in the civil /site package including water, sewer, grading, drainage, erosion control & storm water detention.






Virtual Image Technology

Lancaster County, SC

The 104,000 SF data storage center funded in large part by economic development grants with major civil/site elements including: offsite water line extension, onsite fire water ground storage tank and private wastewater pump station.



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